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Respite Care for the Elderly

What is elderly respite care?

At Friends of the Elderly we know how hard carers work to look after their loved ones, we also know how important it is that carers have the opportunity to have a much-needed break. This is why we offer short stay care breaks in all our homes – this is also known as respite care.

Respite care for the elderly is designed to provide a temporary haven for older people. Typically offered by care homes, this temporary arrangement is provided by trained carers for numerous types of care, including; residential care, dementia care and nursing care.

Respite care is also available for older people that need additional support following an operation or illness.

We also offer one night respite stays – we can even help on the same day in an emergency.

Friends of the Elderly Care Homes offering respite care currently include:
The Lawn: Alton, HampshireNew Copford Place: Colchester. Orford House: Coulsdon. Malvern: Worcestershire. Bernard Sunley: Woking. Redcot: Haslemere, Surrey. Little Bramingham Farm: Luton.


Benefits of respite care for the elderly

Elderly respite care has many benefits, including recovery time acceleration from ailments, illnesses, surgery and operations.
A respite carer can help you with a range of tasks, including; nursing care, dementia care, personal care, administering medication, companionship and more.

Not only are our respite care residents looked after 24/7 by prepared and dedicated professionals, they also experience what it’s like to live in one of our outstanding care homes for a short time.

This allows respite care residents to meet all the care home staff and fellow residents before making the bigger decision of deciding whether to stay permanently.


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Why choose Friends of the Elderly respite care?

Our staff provide unrivalled respite care at numerous locations across the country. Our level of care and reputation is second to none, meaning you are always in safe hands with Friends of the Elderly care homes.

We also provide respite care for people after a stay in hospital and provide that vital stop gap between hospital and home.
We support people to regain their independence and to return home safely and with confidence.
We want the people who are using our service to relax and feel supported, which is why we aim to provide a home from home experience.

Our staff are on hand 24/7 and we put people at the heart of all we do.

We are a charity you can trust.


What does respite care cover?

Respite care covers the same elements that the regular carer provides daily and ensures that continuity of care is at the heart of all decisions.

We will manage:
• Administration and monitoring of medication
• Support with personal and continence care
• Socialising and connecting with others
• Nursing care where required
• Regular nutritional meals and refreshments
• Emotional Support
• Support with rehabilitation with view to returning home.

Who pays for elderly respite care?

There are funding options available for various types of respite care across our care homes, depending on the type of care required and the potential resident’s circumstances.

Your local council may be able to help with the costs associated with respite care. Please contact your council prior to applying with us to see if you qualify for any funding.

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Dementia respite care homes near me

All our care homes specialise in dementia care and offer unparalleled respite care for those living with dementia. In fact, our health care personnel specialise in dementia care and our care homes are primarily occupied by residents with dementia.

If you need more information regarding our respite care , or you want to apply for a short-term residency, please get in touch today by filling the form.

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How much does Respite care cost and what does it cover?
Each home has its own fees, please contact the relevant home to your area.

Who qualifies for Respite care?

We will assess everyone on an individual basis.

Is Respite care always available?
Sometimes we may not be able to offer immediate help, but we can always discuss alternatives and in the meantime, take time to assess the care needs and offer a timetable of support

How do I book Respite care?
Just contact us and the care home will book an assessment.

Will I need to be assessed before I arrive?
Yes, it is paramount that we understand your care needs before you arrive at our care home so that we can ensure the highest level of care and support for you and your family

What do I need to bring for my stay?
We recommend you pack a small bag of clothes, toiletries and sanitary wear, your current medication and recent prescription records. Everything else will be provided by us.

Will I get financial support for respite care fees?
You might be entitled to your local authority’s support to get top-up fees.

Types of Respite care offered?
Friends of the Elderly’s care homes offer both Dementia and Residential respite care.

“It was very reassuring to know that there was help and support to hand when I fractured my spine. Knowing I was in the hands of experts whilst I recovered was very reassuring and meant that I could relax and concentrate on getting well again. And I did, thanks to the lovely team.”

Pauline Taylor, 84