Senior woman getting care and assistance

Gift By Will

Please help to secure a better future for older people by leaving a legacy or a gift in your Will for them.

I decided to leave you a gift in my Will as your service had such a positive effect on my mother’s happiness.

Gift by Will

A charitable gift in your Will to Friends of the Elderly can help to fund the incredible work that gives vulnerable, frail, sick or lonely older people the companionship, support, and physical care they’ll need in years to come.

We are not meant to live out our days alone, without the joys of friendship and the care we need. We are not meant to spend our later years trying to get by, while having to make a decision between heating in the home or eating a proper meal. But for the older people we support, these situations are all too familiar.

Now imagine a society where all older people have the opportunity to live fulfilled and respected lives. You can help to make this reality by leaving a gift of residue or specific amount in your Will.

How to leave a legacy to charity 

The information you need to include Friends of the Elderly in your Will:

Charity name: Friends of the Elderly
Address: 40-42 Ebury Street, London, SW1W 0LZ.
Registered charity number: 226064

We always recommend that you seek professional advice from a Solicitor when making your will or any subsequent amendments to your will.

Read Our 2020 Impact Report

100 years of supporting older people

We have been supporting older people for over a century, and we’ve achieved so much thanks to the generosity of our supporters. For example, our first grants service was established in 1914. And after the First World War, we provided ‘Penny Dinners’ in some of the poorest districts of London. We then began to establish our network of residential and nursing homes in response to the increased need for support during the Second World War.

Today, our unique approach to overcoming loneliness is giving older people a renewed sense of community belonging. Our community services are helping people to remain living in their own homes for longer, and our care homes are providing essential residential, nursing and specialist dementia care. For those on a low income, our grants service continues to help older people meet the unexpected costs of daily living.

“It is so amazing to be called and asked to go out or even just to have a chat. It’s not just a cup of tea. It’s about being with people, and not sitting here on my own all day.”

Bernie, 96

Bernie’s Story

Bernie, aged 96, had spent his whole life caring for his parents, whom he adored.

But, when they passed away, what was supposed to be a new beginning for Bernie started out rather differently. On his own and stuck inside his house, he desperately tried keep himself occupied. A usual visit to his doctor became a turning point.

Bernie’s life changed completely when his doctor referred him to our befriending service and we matched him with volunteer, Caroline. Her weekly visits and calls gave Bernie a sense of belonging that was missing before.

What we wish to achieve and why it is important

The age profile of our society is changing rapidly. In these challenging times, more and more older people need the help that we provide, and more people will need us in the future.
After you have provided for those closest to you, please help us continue to support people like Bernie.
A gift in your will helps us keep our essential services going, and also allows us to invest in new ways to provide the highest quality of care and support for older people.

Thank you for your support

Thank you for helping older people to live fulfilled and respected lives. If you have any questions about leaving a gift in your Will, please get in touch with us on or call us on 020 7881 1169.