Malvern Day Care Client Peter Langard honoured with MBE

Peter and his wife Norma.Peter Langard has been a client at our Malvern Day Care service since 10th October 2022 after being recommended the service by an Occupational Therapist. Peter, who visits every Tuesday, was born on Guernsey in 1939, but his family moved to Birmingham in the West Midlands to escape the German Army when they invaded the island in 1940.

Peter, who attended the King Edward’s School at Five Ways in Birmingham, could have gone down the route of being a Professional Cyclist, however he decided to move into accounting and passed his accountancy exams in 1964.

Peter with Prince WIlliamAs a Chartered Certified Accountant in Public Practice, Peter created PA Langard & Co. He purchased Lifford Hall, a Grade II listed building in Kings Norton as it has three acres of land and plenty of parking for his staff and clients. Peter later changed the company’s name to Langard Lifford Hall Limited and the company will be celebrating its 60th anniversary next year.

Peter was a consummate professional and enjoyed supporting and helping his clients. In 1983 he was a Council Member of The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and served 15 years on many technical committees and working parties, including finance, investigations and disciplinary. He was also the International President of ACCA and during this time joined with other professional bodies throughout the world in setting standards for the global accounting industry.

Working and managing his company until his retirement, Peter didn’t stop there, as he became a Non-Executive Chairman. Peter’s wife, Norma said: “Peter loved helping people, whether it was a fledgeling business or big businesses. Midland Bank – HSBC as it is now known – referred a client to Peter as he was known to be ‘effective’, which he always found amazing as he had never met anyone from the bank, it was his reputation that secured him the client.”

Peter believed that it was – and is – extremely important to give something back, so ensured he undertook a lot of accountancy Pro Bono work and even started a regular Saturday Widows and Orphans Day at Langard Lifford Hall Limited which was well received. Peter was also a Trustee for many charities including The Boys Club, a variety of community centres and Cash for Kids, not only providing accountancy services, but also getting involved in their fundraising activities.

In 2015, Peter was awarded an MBE by Prince William (as he was then known) for his Services to the Accountancy Profession and Charity in Birmingham.

However, receiving his MBE was not Peter’s first encounter with royalty. He crossed paths with the Royal Family having attended two garden parties at Buckingham Palace and met the late Queen Elizabeth when he was President of ACCA in 1996.

Shirley Bradley, Head of Day Care Services at Friends of the Elderly and the Manager at Malvern Day Care said: “Peter and Norma both brighten our day when they arrive as they are always mostly colour co-ordinated. Peter always wears brilliant bright socks – I’m sure he has a collection that would rival any shop.

“Peter likes to watch the entertainer on the Oomph! channel and enjoys listening to all kinds of music, especially rock n’ roll and he relates well to visual activities. By the afternoon Peter appears completely relaxed and comfortable in the environment and this, in turn, rubs off on everyone else. He is a pleasure to have in the centre and the love Peter and Norma have for each other is obvious for all to see.”

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