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Winter Appeal 2023/24

Help older people feel less lonely, desperate, and cold this winter.

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For some people it has become heat or eat, and I would have been the same without your help.

Josie*, 71
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Josie’s Story

Her boiler broke last year when it was freezing cold in December.

Although it was expensive, Josie had to call someone out to look at the boiler and was told a part needed to be replaced.

She had no choice but to keep the boiler on at all times for over a week, as once it was turned off it wouldn’t start up again.

This caused an increase in bills.

She said, “The utility prices have been bad for everyone – it’s been horrible.”


*Names and photos changed for confidentiality

When the relentless grasp of winter takes hold and heating bills soar, your support will offer comfort, security, and hope to older people like Josie, 71 who have nowhere else to turn.

Thanks to gifts from generous people like you, we were able to give Josie a grant of £400 to repair her boiler and cover the increased cost of her heating bills.

Josie informed us it was one thing after the other for her. As well as having to cope with a broken boiler, due to damaged nerves in her hand her grip was poor and painful; even preventing her from being able to carry shopping down the road.

Following a flood from a leak, her home had multiple issues, including mould, which worsened her allergy problems.

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She said,

“You have helped me no end. I was able to afford to keep the utility bills paid and keep afloat.

I have no other family to ask for help. I didn’t think I would have to ask a charity for money.

It’s hard to swallow your pride when you’ve worked hard your whole life.

Without your grant I would have gone under. I had nothing from month to month.

For some people it has become heat or eat, and I would have been the same without your help.

You are a lifeline.” 



We need your help to support older people like Josie through the bitterly cold and isolating winter months ahead.

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Last year, we were able to award 658 essential grants to older people.

We have seen the enormous difference even our smallest grants make – for example a grant to pay for a warm duvet for an older couple in Essex.

Your kind donation will pay for the essentials some older people cannot afford, for example warm clothing, a new cooker to make hot meals or to help cover heating bills.

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