An amazing £18,084 has been raised through our Winter Appeal

The cold and isolating winter months have been challenging for many older people. Thanks to the generosity of all those who donated we have been able to provide 330 grants to help vulnerable older people who were struggling.

Stock image of an older woman smiling used for our Winter Appeal.Melissa, aged 73, who lives alone, told us about the windows in her house that were causing a bitterly cold draught:

“My windows were starting to deteriorate and were rotting… The condensation constantly forming on these single glazed windows, was creating damp throughout the frames and resulting in black mould.”

Not only was she concerned with her rising heating cost, but Melissa was worried about her health. Last year she had undergone a lung operation, and was getting increasing worried about the effect of the damp, the cold draught and the mould on her lungs.

Friends of the Elderly provided a grant of £400 to help Melissa pay for two new windows in her home that were sturdy and double glazed. She told us:

“The grant has made me feel relaxed and secure in my home. I am no longer worried about when the windows are going to fall out completely. The windows I have now are strong, they are going to see out the rest of my life.”

Of the 330 grants we gave away this winter, we were able to help

• 29 older people have a warm bed so they didn’t have to sleep on the floor or without a duvet.
• Support 94 people with heating costs to keep them warm.
• Undertake 16 repairs to provide people with a safe and insulated home.

Additionally, we helped fix broken boilers and installed carpets for insulation.

Since receiving help, 81% of our grant recipients told us they feel less stressed and anxious.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who donated and helped ease older people’s worries and brought them comfort this winter.

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