Blanche celebrates her milestone 103rd birthday in style

Blanche on her birthday.

At our residential care home, Little Bramingham Farm in Luton, Bedfordshire, the care team put ‘the pedal to the metal’ and ensured that resident, Blanche Fromenton, had a marvellous day celebrating her milestone 103rd Birthday.  Blanche’s special day was made extra special with gifts, balloons, cards and a birthday lunch with her family at the home, complete with a delicious birthday cake.

Londoner Blanche has been a resident at Little Bramingham Farm for over three years and is a much loved and admired member of the care home family. The eldest child of six, Blanche always looked after her siblings so it’s no surprise her first job was as a Nanny, caring for a two-year-old toddler. However, Blanche met her husband whilst she was working in a grocery store on Drury Lane in London. They married at St. Mary’s Church in Hornsey and had two sons and is now a proud Grandmother to three grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

The care team at Little Bramingham Farm love to hear Blanche’s stories and always encourage her to reminisce and tell them about her incredible 103 years and life experiences. Blanche, who has an infectious sense of humour, never disappoints. “During my 103 years, I’ve seen and experienced so many things,” said Blanche. “Growing up in the 1920s and 30s, and experiencing the 50s,60s and beyond, I saw talking movies begin, the invention of things like the Microwave Oven, sliced bread, the Internet, the television – my personal favourite, Post-it-Notes and even Sellotape.

A member of staff helping Blanche celebrate her birthday. “I remember when foreign holidays were all the rage as package holidays to Spain became available, and then of course in 1969, men landed on the Moon – and that’s just a snap shot of what has happened in my lifetime,” continued Blanche.

“One thing that surprised, and I think even shocked, everyone at Little Bramingham Farm is that I got caught for speeding in my car,” added Blanche.

“It’s nothing to be proud of, but I was in my 90s at the time! I was told once that people in my star sign – Sagittarians – are cheerful, energetic, faithful, intelligent and, of course, adventurous. Which seems to fit me to a tee.”

Emma Lawrance, the Registered Manager at Little Bramingham Farm said:  “We all wanted to make sure Blanche had a truly memorable 103rd  Birthday, surrounded by her family and care home friends. She loves her family so very much and is always such a joy to be around. Blanche has a great sense of humour and thoroughly enjoys a joke.”

“Blanche constantly amazes us with her independence,” added Karen Charity, the care home’s Activities Coordinator.“Blanche loves the exercise classes and keeps up so well. We all love seeing her take part.”

Blowing out candles on the birthday cake.“Karen’s right, I’m particularly fond of the exercise classes and I also enjoy joining in with the visiting singers. There’s always something different going on here for me to get involved with,” Blanche added.

“Blanche is a real pleasure to have living with us at Little Bramingham Farm, she really is an absolute pleasure to be around. Reaching the marvellous age of 103 is something to be revered and definitely celebrated. It was an honour for us to be with her and having her family here to share in her very extra special birthday really made Blanche’s day,” added Emma.

Blanche concluded: “I have had a really wonderful 103rd birthday, it’s been so fantastic – magical. Having my family together, celebrating with me has made it a day I’ll never forget.”

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