Wireless technology key to success in care during Covid-19 pandemic

Ally Labs remote monitoring technologyIn 2019, we invested in Ally Labs wireless acoustic monitoring devices to improve the night-time care of our residents. The device sits in each resident’s room and the Ally app is installed on mobile devices. The on-shift team are instantly alerted if a resident needs care.

Following the outbreak of Covid-19 and realising the new challenges that our staff would be facing, we now use the monitoring system during the day to keep residents safe 24/7.

The benefits of using remote monitoring have been far reaching. Our care home managers can better manage staff pressures. Additionally, risk of infection is reduced and resident’s safety is increased. By reducing scheduled checks, residents are no longer disturbed while sleeping, all without risk to their care.

Our chief executive Steve Allen said: “The ability to monitor remotely day and night is a huge benefit to our teams who are under additional pressure due to Covid-19. The monitoring system is a solid asset which helps them to continue to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our residents.”

Ally Labs latest update has enabled automatic coughing detection, helping our care home managers make informed decisions about isolation measures as early as possible.

With staff unavailable due to self-isolating, childcare requirements, sickness or other demands, by leading the sector using monitoring technology, we are enabling our teams to provide safe care whilst reducing the risk of transmission.

Further benefits of the monitoring system include:

  • Having more time to care for higher dependency residents
  • Can identify residents in need of care using the acoustic monitoring system – including coughing, calls for assistance and other non-COVID-19 related care needs
  • Have more awareness of the wellbeing of every resident, even whilst they are isolated in their room
  • Waste less time, precious PPE and other resources preparing to enter each room when there is no need

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