Annual review 2017-18: Living fulfilled lives

Our 2017-18 annual review tells the story of older people we have supported and the outcomes that we have achieved through four themed sections. Download our annual review today and find out how we are:

Putting older people at the heart of excellent services

An outstanding service is one that is flexible and responsive to people’s individual needs and preferences. It finds creative ways to enable people to live a full life. Our annual review showcases how we have been working towards providing outstanding care this year.

Bringing together the best people for the biggest impact

We want to be an employer of choice. We provide a snapshot of what we have done this year to create a culture that attracts and retains the best staff and volunteers.

Supporting older people to live fulfilled lives

We’re dedicated to working with partners and local communities to better support older people. Our annual review highlights how we are building local social support networks around our services.

Securing the future of our services and support

It is imperative that we have the right people and resources to sustain the charity’s activities. We must also allow for investment in future growth and achieve our strategic aims. In our annual review, we provide information on our financial position for the year.

Download Annual review 2017-18: Living fulfilled lives [PDF 1.1MB]