Retired Nurses Home Dementia Care in Bournemouth

The Retired Nurses National Home (RNNH) in Bournemouth has renovated 16 rooms in the care home accommodate those living with dementia. The unit will be staffed by a specially trained care team who will provide dementia focused care.

The unit, which has its own lounge, dining room and kitchenette, will allow residents to get involved with activities that are specifically tailored to how each person would like to spend their time. A significant part of the person centred care is to encourage independence by supporting residents to be involved in daily life tasks such as cooking and gardening, something that provides reassurance and continuity to dementia residents.

Alan Johnston, Manager of The Retired Nurses National Home, said: “I have managed several specialist dementia care homes in my career, so I’m really pleased to be able to provide those living with varying degrees of dementia in Bournemouth a home from home environment where their complex needs can be met. We find that people living with dementia find comfort in sharing their time with other people living with the condition.”

To find out more about the renovated rooms for those living with dementia at the Retired Nurses National Home or to book a visit, click here or call 01202 396418.