When I'm 65

When I'm 65 was a challenging BBC One primetime season which set out to tackle a subject that affects everyone: ageing.

During this engaging series, the BBC covered the main issues of ageing – isolation, finances and health with a balanced view including a mix of both relevant celebrities and cross section of the public.

The series has highlighted several aspects to older life. The ‘When I get Older’ programmes highlighted the desperate situation many older people find themselves in today through frailty, isolation or poverty. Alongside this we have seen the uplifting experiences of some centenarians as well as the positive experiences of older people in the workplace. We believe the future is not something to be feared but that living a good later life shouldn’t be down to luck or circumstance.

Friends of the Elderly commends the BBC for dedicating prime time viewing to raising awareness of the issues. We hope that ultimately it will contribute to more people taking action sooner to instill change by state and society in the way we treat and interact with older people.

Being more respectful towards older people is something that we can all do now.

Recently the NHS released their draft ‘Dignity in Care’ report to call for undignified care to be stamped out and includes a list of ten recommendations for care providers on how to care with dignity and respect.

Friends of the Elderly’s Select Respect Campaign supports this and is calling for dignity and respect everywhere.

Compiled with the help of members of Friends of the Elderly’s Among Friends Wallington service and the top suggestions of 2,000 people from across the country, Friends of the Elderly has put together a list of our own ten recommendations on how we all can show more respect to the older people in our lives and communities

Select Respect: Older people deserve respect and dignity everywhere.

  1. If you don’t know an older person, rather than assuming first names are acceptable do ask them how they would like to be addressed
  2. Don’t ignore the opinions of older people; everyone has a right to be heard. Remember that older people have a wealth of valuable knowledge and experience to share.
  3. Be kind - do offer up your seat to older people on public transport or offer to help if you see an older person who might benefit from assistance.

To read the rest of the recommendations click here.