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Spread some warmth to older people living in poverty

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All I want for winter is: Hot water… To fix my broken boiler… Repair the cracked bedroom window… A winter coat so I can go outside.

These are some of the simple wishes Friends of the Elderly grant each winter.

I hope you agree, no one should have to make the unfair choice between heating their home or eating a warm meal.

This is why we have decided to do our first ever Crowdfunder to raise money for our Winter Warmth grants to keep older people warm and well this winter.

Will you make a life changing donation and help older people in desperate situations find relief and joy this winter?

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Your generosity will help people like Glenys*, 72, who survived five years without heating or hot water!

Glenys had carefully put aside just enough money to have an essential new heating system installed when the money was tragically stolen. Having no money to continue the planned work, Glenys was unable to turn on a radiator to heat her home, do laundry, or just run a hot bath to keep warm.

Her new heating plate, paid from donations to Friends of the Elderly, has transformed her life:

“I used to curl up on the sofa with two duvets. I even used an eye mask to cover my nose to keep it warm. I am so grateful you have no idea. It used to take me all day to do the washing; I am now able to do it all without boiling a kettle! It is wonderful.”

*name changed for confidentiality.

With the Met Office predicting a colder than average December this year, it is vital that older people get the support they need to survive the freezing cold days and nights to come.

A gift today will enable us to give financial comfort by purchasing or repairing heaters, insulating windows and draughty doors and much more.

The ACT Foundation has generously pledged to match every £1 we give away in grants. Your donation will therefore be doubled and will make twice the difference!

If you are able to, please make this life changing gift today. It could be the most important gift you make this Christmas.

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Thank you for your kindness