Donate an hour of your salary in 2016

This year, make your New Year’s resolution count.

Older man who is sad outdoorsStill thinking about your New Year’s resolutions? Why not donate an hour of your salary and help change someone's life in 2016. 

Donate now

Your support will help us provide vital befriending services to isolated and lonely older people throughout 2016.

Donate nowHelp spread the word far and wide by asking colleagues, friends and relatives to get involved and pledge their support. You could even ask your workplace whether it could be a company-wide initiative. 

Breakdown of the hourly rate for each salary band

Salary (pa)   Hourly rate
£20,000            £9.62 
£30,000            £14.42
£40,000            £19.23
£50,000            £24.04
£60,000            £28.85
£70,000            £33.65
£80,000            £38.46
£90,000            £43.27
£100,000          £48.07

For more information or if your company is looking for a charity to support in 2016, please call 020 7881 1130 or send us an email.