Select Respect

A call for a more respectful society

An older woman and her daughter enjoying life at a nursing care home74% think British society is less respectful to older people than 50 years ago

Nearly 50% think other countries treat older people with more respect

Tying in with the BBC's "When I'm 65" season - a look at the issues facing older people - Friends of the Elderly's Select Respect campaign encourages everyone to consider how they think about and interact with older people. 

Bertie Gladwin the oldest graduate in the UKBe inspired!

57% of us are not looking forward to growing old.  To change how you think about aging we’ve created a list of inspirational older people who demonstrate that older people have such a lot to offer society.

Getting old isn’t something to be feared, as a read through our A-Z of the positive things about getting older will show you.

See how other countries celebrate their older people.

You can make a difference

Created by focus groups of older people, here are some DOs and DONTs for being respectful to older people.

Share your stories.  Have your say.

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Select Respect leaflet
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