Robotic dog in care home supports residents with dementia

Resident with robotic dog

Our Retired Nurses National Home (RNNH) in Bournemouth has recently introduced a new member of the family – robotic dog, Biscuit.

This incredibly lifelike robotic dog responds when it is touched by barking and making other noises. It also holds its paw up and sniffs. Since Biscuit joined the RNNH family residents, especially those living with dementia, have enjoyed it so much. The residents are able to feed, stroke and brush the dog – it’s made a fantastic talking point and has given those living with dementia a focus and encouraged them to interact.

Alan Johnston, Manager at the RNNH, said: “It has been incredible how much of an impact Biscuit has had at our home. We have really noticed that the residents are a lot more alert, stimulated and are so interactive with Biscuit when he’s around. One particular resident recently had a hip replacement and had limited mobility during his recovery, having Biscuit was great as he could be played with from the resident’s chair and room.”

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