Nursery children spread joy at Triangle Day Care Wallington

Six children from Startel nursery in Wallington recently visited Triangle Day Care Wallington, a specialist service for older people. The children, aged three, spent just over an hour with the service users enjoying each others company, playing games, singing songs and storytelling.

The visit was inspired by recent research and documentaries showing how intergenerational socialising is beneficial not just for the older people but for the children too. One study in particular by academics at Bangor University showed that time spent with children made older people feel less lonely, whilst the children had the opportunity to develop their social and emotional skills.

Triangle Day Care Wallington is run by Triangle Community Services, a sister organisation of registered charity Friends of the Elderly. Wendy Carpenter, Manager of Triangle Day Care Wallington, said: “It was such a fantastic morning. Children bring with them so much enthusiasm, joy and energy, which really put a smile on the faces of our service users. It was just so fantastic to have the children spend time with us.”

Claire Giles, the Setting Manager at Startel Day Nursery said: “We were very excited to be invited to Triangle Day Care to build this fantastic community partnership. There has been a very positive response from the nursery parents who are also very enthusiastic about our new adventure. It was so lovely to see the children interacting with the service users and to see so many smiles on all of their faces. The children were clearly very excited to be in a new environment and I’m sure we will be returning for more fun in the near future.”

Triangle Day Care Wallington and Startel nursery hope to make this a regular visit so the children and older people continue to have opportunities to spend time together.