Bernard Sunley residents get up close with animals thanks to Wild Science


Residents at Bernard Sunley care home in Woking were lucky enough enjoy a visit from Wild Science this week – specialists in animal education and therapy workshops.

The group of residents really enjoyed the activity and got involved with asking questions about the various animals and held them. One resident was even brave enough to put Toffee, the snake, around her neck! Wild Science brought a number of animals with them on the day including Darwin the rabbit, Charlie the chinchilla, Toffee the snake, Delilah the bearded dragon, Rose the tarantula and Sonic the hedgehog.









Animals bring so much joy to the residents in our care homes – they help to stimulate all the senses. Residents enjoyed touching, feeling and speaking about the animals in front of them and finding out more about them thanks to the Wild Science team. In fact, they have continued to be a talking point at Bernard Sunley even after they left!

Bernard Sunley is currently looking for volunteers with pets to bring in to the home on a regular basis to spend time with residents. If this sounds like something you’d like to get involved with, you can find out more here.