Helping older people to make ends meet: One off grants for day to day living costs

An older woman smiling and holding a mug of tea

Are you an older person who finds it hard to make ends meet? Do you know an older person who might welcome some help with day to day living costs? Did you know we offer one-off grants to older people living in England and Wales, to help relieve the stress and worry often experienced by older people living on a low income?

These grants are towards utility bills, household repairs and adaptations; the purchase of mobility aids and the replacement of essential items that support daily living, such as basic furniture, flooring, and household appliances; and the cost of equipment such as tablets and broadband to help people get and stay online. They are available to older people who are over state retirement age who are not care home residents, and who are living on a low income.

Lois Walters, Engagement Hub Team Leader at Friends of the Elderly said:
“Our grants are part of Friends of the Elderly’s vision of a society where all older people have the opportunity to live fulfilled lives, and its mission to support older people, especially those in need due to isolation or poverty. The grants go some way to relieving the stress and worry older people may face”.

One older person contacted Friends of the Elderly recently after been diagnosed with lung cancer, feeling desperate and unable to cope. We contributed towards the cost of her heating bill. An alarming 1.4m older people in the UK are living in fuel poverty.

She said:
“I wish I could really put into words just how much it means to have your help and support. The financial assistance is so reassuring. It really does make a difference, and means I don’t have to choose between keeping warm and eating. I cannot thank you enough for the help you give me….It is like a blanket on a cold night.”

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