Admiral Nurse

Admiral Nurses are experienced mental health nurses specialising in dementia and trained to support those caring for someone with dementia

Our Admiral Nurse offers practical advice and support to the families/carers of our service users.

Our Admiral Nurse focuses on the needs of the families/carers and is a vital point of contact when people have to make difficult decisions about possible admission to hospital or one of our care homes.

She will:

  • Support you as you take the decision to move your relative into one of our care homes
  • Carefully assess your individual needs and offer one-to-one support
  • Invite you to support groups where you can talk to others in a similar situation.


  • Provide tried and tested techniques to help your understanding and communication with a person with dementia.
  • Offer advice and support to help you cope with you feelings and emotions.

Another role of the Admiral Nurse is supporting our staff who work with people with dementia.  The Admiral Nurse offers 1:1 support and reflective practice for all staff working with people with dementia.  Staff training and advice on behaviour we do not understand is also a large part of the Admiral Nurse role.


Our services in the area

  1. Bradbury Court
  2. Friends with Dementia

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